Art Work

Email no more than 10MB per mail.

Please use PDF/X-4 default for creating PDFs.
These are our guidelines before you export to PDF:-

These guidlines are not suitable for:-
Specific custom projects (including variabledata)
Artwork requiring proportional and/or content alteration
Custom colours
Zund and dye cutting, please supply as Adobe Illustrator line art.

Please note:

Failure to adhere to these guidelines could delay or possibly prevent production and incur additional cost. It is the responsibility of the customer to check ‘copyrights’ of artwork.
Proof check our ‘Approval PDF’ to sign off it’s content, giving written approval to proceed.
Please request a ‘wet proof’ if required and ensure finishing instructions are clearly supplied in writing.

We will be happy to discuss any artwork issues should you require additional advice.
Please contact your account handler if more specific details are required.


This preset profile assumes that the artwork is 100%. If you are working at a smaller scale eg 25% please adjust the resolution settings within the profile to accommodate this, otherwise, any scan resolutions or transparency effects may be too small, once the artwork is scaled up to 100%.
Machines have variable resolutions, ‘superwide’ formats need be no more than 100dpi,
smaller and more detailed products should be 300-600dpi.


We output using ‘CMYK’ machinesAny ‘RGB’ or ‘spot’ colours will be converted honoring ‘Input Profiles’ where possible.
If there are Pantone colours or hard copy you wish us to match please make this clear.


Please utilise the ‘page box options’ in the ‘Adobe Creative Suite’ (Media,Crop,Trim,Bleed,Art).
‘Super wide’ format print needs a minimum of 20mm bleed, whilst smaller more detailed products require a minimum of 5mm, this will need to be larger if printing a double sided product.

Open Artwork specification
Adobe Illustrator CS5 (or earlier)
Adobe Photoshop CS5 (or earlier)
Adobe InDesign CS5 (or earlier)
Quark Xpress v8 (or earlier)
Full font sets should be supplied, compatible with ‘Apple Macintosh’ or fonts should be outlined, please avoid embedding scans.